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The fact that the appetite is recovering slightly by the end of the day is normal. This happens almost in all patients. Just take it as a rule not to limit yourself to eating after 18-00, eat, but little by little. For example, eat light meat soup or a salad, or cottage cheese. Just do not abuse it.
After a few weeks of taking the slimex from canadaslim.net/buy-slimex, a small percentage of patients actually have a weakened effect of the drug for a while. With a regular intake, such an attenuation of action disappears usually after 7-9 days. If nevertheless the effect of "addiction" has not passed (here all individually), I advise you to take a short break in taking the drug, and for 1 month to choose any facilitated diet so as not to get too much. For example, exclude for a month from the diet bread, cereals, pork, sugar and foods with its high content (dark chocolate, honey and dried fruits can be).
Then the drug can be resumed.